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Dawn Meredith-Davies MSc has been a physiotherapist with a whole-person approach for the last 10 years.

She considers the entire system of the body when assessing and treating your injury, and she overlaps a deep understanding of how the underpinnings of everyday life contribute to pain.


To decide whether this approach is the best match for you to pursue to alleviate your symptoms and discomfort, please take a look around the site to get a greater feel for ‘holistic physiotherapy’ and to see how Dawn works in a Physiotherapy Consultation.


Integrated Approach and Specialism

Dawn’s practice focusses on relieving painful soft tissue, promoting healing and restoring positive and pain-free movement patterns after injury. As a movement-specialist, she integrates hands-on treatment with a keen eye for movement analysis, together with acupuncture, yoga and the elements of natural health, namely nutrition and the breath.

This integrated approach combines knowledge and a passion for natural health to help create lasting change which reaches beyond the symptoms. It’s equally applicable for every-day injuries as well as those picked up while playing sports.

Dawn has a particular interest in running-related injuries, being a runner herself, and she focuses on treating what is or isn’t moving and addressing the underlying reasons to alleviate pain.


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Visit the Physiotherapy page to find out more about holistic physiotherapy, and the Rehabilitation page to discover more about the process of getting back you to your activities, powerfully and pain-free.

Alternatively, for runners keen to improve their technique, run more powerfully and acquire fewer injuries visit the Movement Analysis for Runners page to see how you can adopt optimal movement patterns to enhance your running experience.


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“I have loved the unconventional way that you practice and found our chats really beneficial. The holistic nature of your practice opened my mind to other pressures that contributed to my physiotherapy needs. The way you engaged connected me to stuff that I had learnt about myself and forgotten!”

RH, Suffolk