Sports Physiotherapy

I have known Dawn Davies for the past three years in my capacity as Director of the Eastern Counties School of Rugby and CB Team Manager where Dawn has been employed as our official physiotherapist.

In that role she has been totally reliable and fulfilled all her medical responsibilities with great diligence, conscientiousness and commitment.  Dawn has an excellent manner with the boys, combining an approachable and caring attitude with outstanding professionalism and respect.  During training and matches she is vigilant and acts promptly and decisively.

Dawn has an uncanny ability for diagnosis, and in her treatment she has an holistic approach which aims to ensure treatment is effective combined with longer term care and rehabilitation.

Beyond the immediate and obvious responsibilities or her role, Dawn has been proactive in bringing best practice and care to the squad as a whole.  Dawn has led in educating the boys on nutrition and hydration, fitness, stretching, post-match recovery and injury prevention. She has developed good professional relationships with the boys in her care, their parents and the coaching teams.

Dawn has been a very important member of our team, and her all round contribution to the health, well-being and fitness of the boys, along with the success of the squad, has been commendable.


Felixstowe, Suffolk