Sports Physiotherapy

I was recommended to Dawn when my careful reintroduction to running after
several years away was interrupted by an ankle injury. Having sorted that
out, Dawn has given ongoing help with several injuries including a very
worrying hamstring strain.

Dawn has not only brought a skilled, thoughtful and fascinatingly light
touch to treating these problems, she has somehow done it all in a
relatively short period of time. She got me back on the road in time for a
long planned run and in good enough shape to do a reasonable time.  During
my appointments, she has not only tended the immediate problems but also
paid attention to all the other things that contribute to fitness and good
health. I have learned a tremendous amount about running style and posture
to avoid future problems as well as thinking about the mind/body/spirit
balance that is so important. And all in an understandable and plain
speaking way.

Her encouragement and sheer enthusiasm is infectious and those, along with
her tremendous skill, will sustain me over a long period of running in the


Woodbridge, Suffolk