Physiotherapy for Headaches

I first met Dawn at the Christmas Market in Woodbridge. I had been having debilitating migraines for which I had been prescribed medication for, I had had a CT scan which was clear and my GP recommended that I stay on medication but gave me no other treatment options. I was feeling really low and at my wits end of what to do, whilst medication was reducing the severity, the headaches were making life miserable.

Dawn got me up on the bed there and then. Dawn started to work on my neck and base of my skull and I instantly felt that she had hit the spot, I hadn’t even realised it was so painful there. Dawn was talking to me the whole way though explaining what she was feeling. After 20 minutes of talking with Dawn I really felt like she could help me.

From then on I had fortnightly sessions with Dawn. I found Dawn to have a very holistic approach. As well as concentrating on my neck and base of skull, Dawn worked on my lower back, hips and feet. Dawn used gentle hands on techniques as well as acupuncture. Dawn gave me exercises at the end of each session which helped me manage the tension I had in-between sessions, I also had work to do on changes to my posture and work/life balance.

After the first few sessions I reduced my medication by half, two weeks later I then stopped my medication all together. I began to feel like a fog had been lifted and back to my old self, motivated and exercising more. I continued to see Dawn for tinnitus which is now greatly reduced.

I highly recommend Dawn as a therapist, Dawn has a wealth of knowledge, fantastic approach and will make you feel totally at ease.


Ipswich, Suffolk