Everyone loves to read a bio, don’t they?!

I always say that the first time that I went to see a physiotherapist, I was truly the worst patient! I didn’t do my exercises…as it all seemed a little too much like piano practise (which I rarely did either! ; )

I simply wasn’t really connected with the process, to be honest, however two things happened during the course of treatment. Firstly, I had acupuncture for the first time, and experienced the extraordinary ways in which it can facilitate both physical and emotional shifts, and secondly I learnt to consciously think about my posture.


A Whole New World

My second experience with physiotherapy could not have been more different! I had a hugely invested interest in being an active participant in the process (having become injured training for a significant sporting event), meaning, that getting better meant a lot to me! I followed my exercise regime to the letter, and I discovered my first – and most significant lesson about the body – that what you do to your body affects the results that you get out.

It was as if a whole new world had opened itself to me that I hadn’t really considered before – ie the body! – or at least, I hadn’t ever considered how to look after it before.


Innate Leanings

I qualified from the University of Birmingham, in the UK, worked in the National Health Service for a spell before opening the Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy practice.

It turns out that I’d actually always had an interest in observing movement, as well a strong interest in natural living and natural healing. I’d become a vegetarian during my teenage years, and I’d also been naturally drawn to yoga in my early 20s, without really having a reason why – it simply spoke to me.


A Decade in a Nutshell

In the 10 years since becoming a physiotherapist, I‘ve explored various treatment techniques which also spoke to my sensibilities – acupuncture, for one – and followed lines of enquiry which piqued my interest – nutrition, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine – and I have honed my ability to feel tissue and see limited movement either through massage techniques, or through movement analysis, yoga and the breath.

Developing an integrated ‘physical’ therapy practice is only possible when one considers the whole person. That ‘whole person’ includes the mental and emotional layers that sit behind and beyond the physical, and they are intrinsically linked; one informs the other and both have their part to play in the processes that govern our health – our movement, our thoughts, our actions and our day to day health.

Exploring this aspect of my practice has unfolded naturally as I have further ‘understood’ the body.


Sports Interests

Throughout this time – and since way before! – I have run. I have also swum and cycled and played hockey and tennis and…! But running has been my main-stay forever.

Being reasonably competitive, I’ve also been fortunate enough to have had a number of well-fought stints to the top of the podium (on an amateur level, I will add!). Pick your races carefully and optimise your chances, I say! ; )

Drawing together my personal interests, exploring and applying natural movement patterns for optimal running performance and a desire to empower people to find a fabulous freedom from their feet (!), I developed the Movement Analysis Sessions to help others access their innate power in their running. Magic happens over and again during these sessions – it’s tremendously fuelling and superb fun to help facilitate it!

Not wishing to be a one-trick pony, I have committed an incredibly number of hours in the evenings and at the weekends being involved in both youth and adult sport as a physiotherapist. From regional level youth rugby, local adult rugby, national level hockey, club-based waterpolo players representing GB as well as supporting international athletes.

If you play it, I can invariably understand how you need to move in it!


Natural Offsprings

Out of all of this has sprung Living Green Health, the Green Health Events and the LGH Blog to bring natural solutions and (hopefully) thought-provoking and fun observation plus physiotherapy insights into this connected web of a world that we exist within…in our own individual body as well as in the collective sense together.


Head on over there if your curiosity needs a little more satisfying! : )