Movement Analysis

MDP_Movement AnalysisIf your running is frustrating you, or you’re carrying running-related niggles, or perhaps you’ve got your eye on a target (& you’re not making as much progress as you could do…or that your friends are!?), then the Movement Analysis Sessions will enable you to run more efficiently and effectively, and to break the injury cycle by making positive, supported changes to running technique.

The sessions help you to release more of your untapped power and speed in your running, and in doing so, help to find freedom and ease.


The Movement Analysis Sessions are a two-part series, 2-3 weeks apart. They offer you:

Video and visual analysis of your running technique, with thorough written feedback

A breakdown of optimal movement patterns for running and powerful guidance to attain these techniques 

Tailored physiotherapy tools to help facilitate the shifts and support these movement patterns in your body – also provided with the email feedback


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Optimal performance* requires the forces of activity to be transmitted appropriately through tissues (joints and muscles, and connective tissue). This occurs when the joints move freely, so that the muscles can move your limbs, the most efficiently, and therefore the most effectively. Enhanced power and strength naturally follow when the joints and tissues are working in their best possible alignment.


* Optimal performance can mean having the most fun, or running with the most ease, or with the most power to achieve the fastest times, or it can simply mean getting out there pain-free.


Injury occurs when tissues are ‘overloaded’ (leading to breakdown and then injury and pain). Using the body in a way that better (‘optimally’) loads the tissues will reduce the susceptibility to injury.

Win,win? Well, yes, we think so!


So what do we do…?

Together with running movement specialist, Dawn Meredith-Davies, the Movement Analysis Sessions consist of –


Video and visual analysis will be undertaken to fully highlight your technique. From here we assess where your body is freely moving, and where the movement is stuck. (‘Stuck’ means that the region does not move optimally, and therefore does not transmit the forces of activity appropriately through it.)


Implementing optimal movement patterns for running will enable you to feel how much more power you are able to gain from your body, with a few simple adjustments.


With this information, using physiotherapy techniques we release the tight regions which are not functioning in your best interest. We do this with soft tissue release techniques, as well as specific, and deliberate stretches to target the held tension.


Action Plan

We then establish a plan to enable you to optimise your muscle activation and achieve your fill potential. With the specific stretches and exercises you will be able to access freedom in tissues which you perhaps weren’t even aware were tight! The ‘homework’ that Dawn sets is designed to fit into your sporting life and around your lifestyle.

With a clear understanding of what you are aiming to achieve, as well as the collective physiotherapy input, it is possible to access greater freedom of movement, enhanced performance and a reduced injury rate.

Athletes of all abilities often commit to regular appointments after the sessions to be further supported while they are aiming towards their sports goals.


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“The advice and recommendations instantly gave results – loads of great stuff to take away. Would recommend this to everyone!”

JW, Ipswich


“The sessions showed me how small changes in form can dramatically change my running and gave me some really useful exercises to increase my mobility. Thoroughly enjoyed both sessions.”

CA, Ipswich


“Your feedback was really detailed, much more than I anticipated!”

EDC, Ipswich


“Loved it!”

LB, Ipswich