Location & ContactWhile Dawn is currently out of the country, Physiotherapy Consultations are available via Skype.


What? Physiotherapy online?! Yes, actually. You’ll be amazed.


Honed Skills Meets Technology

If your pain is not resolving, or you’re experiencing recurring episodes of a similar issue and perhaps you’ve already been to see various practitioners, it’s possible that you need a slightly different approach to relieving your pain.

This is what Dawn can do for you, and she can do that via Skype…

Using analysis of movement patterns, powerful listening skills and understanding the problem form beyond the physical body, and then together exploring the issues, together with breathwork and yoga-based exercises, shift really does take place…


Book a Physiotherapy Consultation via Skype


When there’s something stuck in the system and causing you ongoing pain, you may well need help to unstick the underlying cause. All of the manipulating and pushing and pulling of the body along may well not get you there! It can help, but sometimes it will only be a temporary measure – you may well need to understand why the pain is present in the first instance, so that you can work on releasing the ‘stuckness’. And so move forward with renewed comfort and ease.

Hands-on treatment is an important element of Dawn’s physiotherapy practice…but it’s certainly not the only route to helping healing occur – and sometimes she just can’t get there in person!


Physiotherapy Consultations via Skype last 50 minutes. Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 7am-12 midday.

A single Physiotherapy Consultation costs £65, a bundle of 3 Physiotherapy Consultations cost £165