Sometimes we don’t know why we’re in pain.

Maybe there was an incident, but maybe there was nothing that you can remember happening…?

Perhaps you’ve already been to see various practitioners…and perhaps you’ve had no lasting improvements in your symptoms. Perhaps you’re experiencing a new episode of an existing issue, and you’d really like to get to the bottom of it?

Perhaps you’ve been carrying this pain for long enough, and you’ve ‘had enough’! Perhaps you’re even at a point where you’re wondering whether you need to see a consultant, and heaven forbid, think about surgery?


Finding Answers

Pain and ‘injury’ can be such a minefield. Everyone will give you a different answer; google will quite possibly paint you a picture of doom and gloom, and with the best will in the world, what worked for your neighbour is not necessarily going to work for you.

No doubt you want some ‘answers’ about why your pain is there…but mostly, I suspect that you want it to go away.

There are reasons why you have the pain that you’re experiencing. But if the pain is ongoing, then something in the system will be stuck, on some level.


Easing Out Tension

Physically, there will be patterns of movement which are restricted through the soft tissue and which causing you to overload other areas (invariably, the painful ones). The incident that you recall occurring will only ever have been the ‘straw on the camel’s back’ for the loading patterns that were already there, underneath the surface.

I use very gentle local soft-tissue techniques to ease the tension out of ‘tight, shortened and tense’ tissue. Then, together we introduce activities (usually yoga-based) to help facilitate movement and to maintain the newly-acquired freedom, and to encourage better supported, pain-free ways of accessing movement in our body.

So we can change the way that you have been moving which has perpetuated the pain and discomfort. Physically.

The question is, why was it there in the first instance – all of that tension and those inadvertent patterns?


The Clinic Room Conversation

And the answer to that question lies in the conversation in the clinic space. The exploration, together, of the contributing factors which have led to the ‘stuckness’. This will enable you to better understand what your pain means, and for you to release the underlying patterns and to consequently move forward with renewed comfort and ease.

This element of the holistic physiotherapy journey is equally as powerful at helping you to heal.

The physical aspect and the exploration of a conscious conversation are inextricably linked to us re-finding ease and comfort.



Movement heals…and healing allows movement. Because given the right conditions, the body will heal itself. It knows how to do so; its design mechanisms are created to do just that! It’s just that our usual model of pain and injury is attributed only to the physical self. And that’s only part of the story. We are energetic beings, and what is happening energetically in our lives is really running the show!

If your pain isn’t resolving, it’s because something else needs to heal in order for that to happen.

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“Dawn has not only brought a skilled, thoughtful and fascinatingly light touch to treating my problems, she has somehow done it all in a relatively short period of time. During my appointments, she has not only tended the immediate problems but also paid attention to all the other things that contribute to fitness and good health. I have learned a tremendous amount about running style and posture to avoid future problems as well as thinking about the mind/body/spirit balance that is so important. And all in an understandable and plain speaking way.

Her encouragement and sheer enthusiasm is infectious and those, along with her tremendous skill, will sustain me over a long period of running in the future.”

GT, Woodbridge