Freedom of movement underpins the body working well. Rehabilitation means facilitating this for a swift recovery, ensuring that the symptoms do not return, and consequently restoring positive overall health.

Whether your pain has developed from your sporting pursuits, and is limiting your participation, or whether it is a pain that you’re experiencing on a day to day basis, Physiotherapy Consultations with Dawn will help you get back to living life pain-free and in comfort.


How the Physiotherapy Consultations Work 

Story Telling

Initially, there’s a story to be told – where is your pain, what activities do you do, how is your pain limiting those, and what are you aiming for…?

This is your story, which Dawn will explore with you to start to build a picture.

Then there’s the movement story – where are you moving, and where aren’t you moving? In this part, Dawn will observe some patterns of movement to glean a full picture of how your body is accommodating and has adapted according to your pain.

Then we start to look releasing some of these physical patterns. If this is done in the clinic, there will hands-on treatment – gentle, local soft-tissue release work – and if the consultation is over Skype, Dawn will guide movements together with the breath to create freedom. (Extraordinary as it sounds, this works phenomenally well!)


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A Sensitively Tailored Approach

In either instance, a series of physiotherapy activities (largely, yoga-based, but don’t worry, they will be perfectly accessible and specifically tailored to you) will be given to support the ‘window of movement opportunity’ that we have created. These will be yours to carry out in between sessions (Dawn has some pretty good visual and written aids for you, so that you don’t have to remember them all either!)

It might take 2 or 3 or 4 sessions building on the previous consultations to fully find the freedom and lasting pain-relief that you’re looking for… That said, pain levels almost always start to diminish after the first appointment.

Around this, there is an exploration of the circumstances which have fuelled the build up of tension, and inadvertent movement patterns. Again, please do not worry – this is not an interrogation! – it is more of purposeful, and mindful conversation.  There is never any judgement. What Dawn does well is present a different way of looking at things…again there are tools to take home and adopt if you so wish. It’s an integral part of the physiotherapy journey, but it’s also extremely gentle, and approached with the utmost of sensitivity…(and often with a sparkling dose of wit and humour too! : )


A Sporting Agenda

If you’ve got sporting goals – Dawn can provide a progressive schedule for building up your activities, and for returning to play (be that recreationally, or competition-wise). She’s more than happy to support your progress and performance over a period of time as well.

See the About page for more of Dawn’s experience treating sportmen and women (of all ages!).


Running anyone?

If you happen to be a runner, you may well wish to go through the Movement Analysis Sessions. These are a 2-part series of 1-1 analysis of your running, together with guidance to adopting the optimal movement patterns for running to make your running more efficient, more effective and ultimately less prone to injury. All with feedback based on video of real running (not treadmill-based) and further physiotherapy activities to help facilitate the shifts in technique.

Combining Physiotherapy Consultations with Movement Analysis is a very powerful way to heal from injury, to break the injury cycle, and to move with more power (literally!) towards your running goals…


Take a look at the Movement Analysis Sessions page to find out more


“I have been delighted with the treatment from Dawn at Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy. The results have been immediate and long lasting.”

LB, Suffolk