Decoy FarmPhysiotherapy and Yoga

A perfect match indeed.

Physiotherapy understands the body…yoga moves it. Yoga helps us become long and strong…physiotherapy allows us to see how that’s going to enhance our movement, our activities, our health. Yoga to breathe, physio to recognise how the breath can change our stress and change our lives.

Physiotherapy to get you out of pain….yoga to keep you there.


As well as integrating yoga-based exercises into Physiotherapy Consultations, Dawn teaches yoga in various places and spaces…


Essential Guide to PhysioYoga

Get physiotherapy insights and gems that you won’t learn from every yoga teacher!

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1-1 yoga to work on your specific issues…

PhysioYoga Sessions over Skype and be guided in your practice at your leisure, in your own front room!

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A weekly dip-in

Our weekly Facebook Live PhysioYoga sessions through the Living Green Health Facebook page for those who wish to dip in regularly. These sessions are suitable for those new to yoga as well as those who have been practicing for some time.

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